"All photos and descriptions of treatment herein are real and of our own patients which we actually treated. (not models as in most websites)."

Patient Ratings for Fresno Dentists

Our Patients Praise Our Work 

"Good staff courtesy, excellent scheduling convenience, good waiting time, excellent treatment performed by Dr. Smith, excellent treatment performed by staff, good explanation of fees, and good office location/parking"​

Mr. R S 

"Dr Smith,

I am really happy with my new implant.  Until I got my zirconium crown I was a regular smoker, but I have decided today to stop smoking for the sake of my health and for the sake of my implant.  I am happy to smile wherever I go because I want to show the world how happy I am with my new implant and how happy I am in my life.  I am lucky to have found someone as skilled as you.  I know that I would not have received the same treatment anywhere else in Fresno.  For you to be able to give me orthodontics and perform an implant on the same chair only attests to your great knowledge in the field of dentistry.

Thanks again Doctor for all the good work you do.
Sincerely, ​Mr. P R"

"Dr Stuart Bartlett Smith has accomplished in his dental practice a feat that was very hard to do with a patient who had a lot of problems with her teeth. She is very, very happy with her new teeth."
(Mrs. RB)

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Stuart Smith,DDS

"Thank you for all you do. And for making me feel comfortable."
Mrs. M S
"All Excellent: Staff courtesy, scheduling convenience, waiting time, treatment performed by doctor, treatment performed by staff, explanation of fees, office location/parking."

Mr. P H

"All excellent."
No Name Given