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"I realize this website is not the most flashy or modern, yet the dentistry we do is.  All photos and descriptions of treatment herein are real and of our own patients which we actually treated. (not models as in most websites)."

​​​Family Dental Care + Implants

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Bone grafting research- Fast and Reliable Teeth Again

X-Ray of Implant,    same day as tooth     removal 

The above patient was without strong teeth due to a childhood accident a long time ago.  Now he has new teeth.

Photo of Implant

Bone Grafting & Implant

The above patient was without strong teeth due to a motorcycle accident.  Now he can chew and smile again.

Bone Grafting & Implant

Abscess (Before).    

How Implant Treatment "Saves" a Tooth by Replacement:

Dental Implants in Fresno

    Saint Apollonia Worships Implants!

(​The Dental Patient Saint) 

​​One of the truly remarkable advances in dental care available at our office today is the dental implant. Thought to be impossible only a few years ago, we now offer excellent tooth replacement by implants!  Dr Stuart Smith is an expert in dental implantology and bone grafting research in dental care.  We provide all implant services for our patient's convenience here, including free relaxing sedation.  Implants last a very long time, do not decay as natural teeth can, do not get gum disease as natural teeth can, and look great.  


X-Ray of abscess


The patient above lost her chewing teeth.  She asked us to provide her with dental implants.

 She liked the results.  Now, she can chew (& smile) again!

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