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​​​Recommendation from a Famous Eminent Universi​ty Department Head Professor of the UCLA Dental School about Dr Stuart Smith:

"I am a Former Professor of Dr Smith.  For many years he has asked me to review many cases he has completed. Most of these cases are quite complicated including implants, aesthetics, minor Orthodontics, and Root canal therapy. I have been continuously impressed by the quality of care he has provided.  I am quite sure that he provided the highest quality of care."   Dr B K

​​​Family Dental Care + Implants

We appreciate Google, Yelp, Google +, Healthgrades, the multitudes of new sites appearing daily, and all types of websites about great dentistry.  We also love to treat new patients and our long established dentally healthy patients who can't help talking about how great it is here because  of the science and dental artistry practiced here.  They refer new patients to us all the time.  Please take the time to review this website complete and see all the photos of our own patients treated at this dental office.  And please read our ratings on the rating sites, & then   rate us yourself after cosmetic dentistry, implant dental care, orthodontic care, root canal treatment, children's dentistry, or any other dental concern you may have.  In Addition to excellence in dental treatment, we are engaged in bone grafting research advancing the dental profession for dentists and dental patients.

Stuart Smith,DDS